The City

When you’re traveling to an unknown destination, do you ever imagine what it will be like?  Do you look at photographs and picture yourself there?  Or maybe, if you’re like me and don’t travel much the regular way, you just let your imagination roam when you’re doing the dishes or some other monotonous task.   Only this way you have no travel guide and the city you’re on your way to is entirely your own, and you’re whatever kind of traveler you choose to be:

“I took a last drink from the village well and made my way down the dusty road that led away from the village and toward that mysterious city, “the city” according the shopkeeper, which lay at the end of the road.

I amused myself for a while by imaging what sort of city it was.  It might be city of tall buildings, magnificent cathedrals, and rows and rows of interesting shops where the fashionable elite shopped.  I would be pleased with that city.  Yet, it might be a murky city with dilapidated buildings and a lot of grimy children running around crowded, stinking streets.   This was probably nearer the truth.  Or, just maybe, it was an exotic city filled with the smell of spices and the voices of foreigners hawking their wares and of the calls of richly plumaged birds flying about their cages.  Perhaps it was clothed by brightly colored fabrics waving in the breeze as they hung from venders’ stalls and was ornamented by flower markets and gardens such as I had never seen.  Maybe gardenias and roses grew on the sides of the streets as abundantly as weeds did here and maybe orchids of every variety sprouted from every crevice in the stone walls till the air hung heavy with their fragrance and the polished streets reflected their glory.  I would love to see that city.  Perhaps there would be a great enchanter living in this city, and, on beholding me in the street, he would recognize me for who I am, and he would remove my curse and restore me to me my youth and beauty.  Perhaps he would fall in love with me and me with him.”

Alexandria (a character in a unfinished fairy tale) dreams of exotic cities.  What type of city do you dream of?

About Elizabeth Kitchens

Loves to read classic books and watch classic movies. She enjoys talking about what she's read and watched and so decided to start a blog where more people could be involved in the conversation.
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1 Response to The City

  1. Jasmin says:

    An excellent start to a very promising blog! I’m looking forward to reading new posts. And by the way, lovely picture choices…

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