Journal of an Aspiring Author: Much to My Surprise

An enchanted bunny rabbit?  How stupid is that! I said to myself after reading the back of my sister’s Netflix movie, in which a little girl and an enchanted stuffed bunny rabbit were going to save the world (well, not exactly, but that’s what it sounded like).  What other ridiculous objects could I give magical powers to? I wondered.  A magical steak knife? A magical napkin?  A magical pen? Okay, you could do a lot with a magical pen.  But what about a magical …?  I mentally went through my apartment and listed the things that it would be rather silly to give magical powers to.  Finally, I remembered the sewing machine I had gotten for Christmas.  A magical sewing machine?  How stupid would that be!  But wait …

Before I knew it I had a beginning and an end of a story.  I had a small group of protagonists and a way to get them somewhere (using period clothing sewn by an enchanted sewing machine) to do some great deed and a way to get them back home, but I had no middle, no actual adventure.  Bummer.

I had never thought seriously about writing a book before (I think everyone occasionally dreams about writing a book), but now I wanted to actually write one.

My elaborate daydreams still haven’t furnished a middle for that story, but they did spark an idea for another story, which, under the influence of an encouraging, picture-book loving, writer-wannabe friend, I turned into a short story.  I’ve never been the same since.

Writing is one my family’s “curses”, but I assumed I had avoided it, since I disliked writing until high school and never thought seriously about writing a book until after college.  I thought every writer was born with a pen in his or her hand, like Jo in Little Women.  Writing is something she always wanted to do.  Not so with me.

Nonetheless, and very much to my surprise, I discovered that I love to write.  More than that, to me it’s something worth every bit of effort it will take to reach the goal of becoming an author (and that will be a lot of hard work).

A not so random favorite quote: “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.”  Eric Liddell, Chariots of Fire.

Curiosity question to other writers (or to anyone with a dream):  Is writing a dream you’ve been chasing or a dream that’s been chasing you?

About Elizabeth Kitchens

Loves to read classic books and watch classic movies. She enjoys talking about what she's read and watched and so decided to start a blog where more people could be involved in the conversation.
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